Hello adventurers,

Mr. Fujioka, Ms. Romanov, [], [], []. I already know all of you,

Mr. Fujioka I know you are a doctor, you want to help people. I am deeply sorry about your wife but I know she loved you until her last breath. I want to help you help people, I know where people need help but I cannot help them myself. I believe we can help one another.

Ms. Romanov, life is not always easy. You’ve lost a great many friends and the world is deeply mistrustful of you. I entice you to not lost faith in humanity, there is still good in this world. As long as there is music, there is joy. I want to help the world see you as a source of joy and to spread your music. I want to help you make people happy.

I have all the knowledge I need but there is a growing threat to the freedom of the world, tied to the history of this place and the demise of the last. We will be seeing a lot of each other, I’ll find you when there are people in need.

Mastya Nyaya